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My Style

Because I want to tell your story I prefer to shoot my photos as lifestyle photography, a style that lends itself to real moments and emotion.  We will get all the posed photos but most of the time spent together is me capturing you interacting with each other and saving moments for you to remember.  I will be prepared with all the prompts and directions to help you relax and just be yourself during your time with me. 

My photos are light, bright and true to color.  I want your photos to be classic and beautiful today and 20 years from now. 

2023_Remi 3-161.jpg

The Experience

Contact Me

Let me know what kind of photography session you are wanting.  Once we get you on my schedule a $50 non refundable retainer fee is due to hold that date.  As your date gets closer I will send a location guide to your email and we will discuss via text, email or phone call what location you would like.  I will then set the exact time as location makes a difference here.  I try to do all sessions about two hours before sunset as this provides the best light.  Sunrise is also a great time for light and if you’d like to do a sunrise session I am always in for that.

Session Time

Yay, it's session time! This of course is my favorite part.  I love meeting new clients and seeing all my favorite returning clients.  I come to the session ready for fun so I hope you will too.  I have all the prompts and directions to help you relax and get genuine giggles and smiles.  We of course will do some standard posed photos as well because I also understand that clients value those.  Don’t worry about having your kids be perfect as I love to capture real moments.  The best part about an hour session is it gives us time to let kids relax and become playful. 

Gallery Delivery

Now it is time for me to edit.  I love to bring your photos to life and curate for you the best photos from the night of our session.  Delivery time is usually between 2 to 3 weeks depending on my current demand.  Once I am finished, I will text you letting you know that your gallery link has been sent to your email.  You will be sent to your Shootproof gallery with all the instructions for downloading and printing your photos.  I am always available for any help you may need with that.

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